1. Unusual sleep, eating or drinking habits: When a person starts eating, drinking or sleeping too much or too less keep a watch on their behaviour. People who tend to go against their patterns are mentally stressed. 

2. Have a forced “happy face” and always make excuses: In the bargain of hiding emotions, these people end up showing off happiness more than required which looks very artificial. We can make out the fake smiles and excuses for everything.

3. They may talk more philosophically: Vague talks and over philosophical behaviour can make it very clear that the person is hiding something but wants to express too much. 

4. Ask for indirect help: They keep on giving signals to people that they are not fine and expect people to identify and help them. Not all can identify these signals. 

5. Get emotional on small issues: All of us have a certain emotional capacity. Depressed people tend to get agitated and disturbed on meek things. They get intimidated by everything and connect it with their emotional issues. 

6. Think Negatively: They see life with a lot of negative feelings. Negativity grips their mind and life with such great magnitude that they can hardly see anything good around.