Getting restless seeing your belly fat? Well you should be a concerned (see how belly fat is harmful). But since you've decided to take action, here are 6 simple steps you can take to reduce flatten your belly.To reach your goal there are certain factors you should take into consideration while on your quest to a perfect flat belly. Follow the following guidelines to kick start your efforts.

  1. Wake Up and drink water: Rehydrate your body with 500 ml of chilled water as soon as you wake up in the morning. Research shows that following this routine will boost your metabolism by 24% for an hour and a half afterward. Body performs well when it is hydrated. What's more, a previous study determined that muscle cells grow faster when they're well hydrated. You know what more muscle means  higher metabolic rate, and more fat burning.
  2. Eat Your Breakfast: A recent research shows that people who miss their breakfast are more likely to have bulging belly by about 4 & 1/2 times to a person who has regular breakfast and breakfast size is inversely proportional to waist size. So have a good breakfast before heading out for the days work: have some oatmeal, fruits, yogurt, eggs, or anything that you enjoy.
  • Track it: Monitoring your diet and exercise is important as it keeps you focused towards your objective. Research says that people who tracked their diet and exercise are more likely to reach their goal, than people who do not.
  • Carry Your Lunch: Practice the habit of carrying lunch. This helps you in two ways. If you're busy, you can eat at your desk, and avoid skipping meals. And when you're hungry, you don't have to eat the unhealthy options available in the cafeteria.
  • Pick the Right Exercise: You have abs, but they are under that layer of belly fat which needs to be burnt off for your abs to show. So doing 100 crunches a day will not work. You will have to spend as little at 20 minutes a day to follow a proper exercise plan, and see the belly fat melt away. The perfect exercise plan is a combination of active (like cardio) and passive (weights, yoga, etc).
  • Get the 7-8 hours of sleep: Sleep well and schedule your sleep because research says that lack of sleep might disrupt the hormones that control our ability to burn fat. It says that the muscle cells become resistant to insulin which results in storage of fat around your belly.
  • So, start your flat belly plan now.