The picture above shows,Monteaux test being done,which is specific besides other tests like CBC(ESR-High),Loss of weight, loss of appetite and symptoms of weakness and anemia-breathlessness,low grade fever.

Tuberculosis Need Not Be Filmy.

The Person is coughing and spots of blood in mucous indicating TB of lungs,easier to diagnose by a routine X-Ray.

Tuberculosis can affect any organ of the body & Ultrasound of entire abdomen Does Show Enlarged Glands, where a Trail of Anti-TB medicines Are Worth To give a Trial. If recovery is shown by increase in appetite,gain in weight,low grade evening rise of temperature is not present,Continue the treatment for 6 months or more,according to Gradual Recovery Shown by the Patient.

Diet Therapy & Rest Are as Important As Medicines.

6 Dietary Tips-

1) High Protein Simple Diet which can be digested easily without putting a load on  food-pipe

Good examples are Diluted Toned Milk, Curds, Eggs, Soy Products.

Bad Examples of High Protein diets are meats ( Fried, Grilled & Roasted), Steamed Meats and Vegetables are digested better without causing Distention & this includes Our Overrated Pulses!

2) Simple Carbs in equal amounts as simple Proteins.

Simple carbs are Coarse Grains, Potatoes, Oats, Boiled Rice & Bad Carbs are Maida or refined Flour, Pizzas/Burgers & Every Processed & Packaged Food.

3) All Fats are bad for liver Except Healthy Fats like a spoon of Pure Ghee or Butter, a Katori of Assorted Nuts like Soaked & Peeled almonds, cashews, walnuts, peanuts, dry roasted Chana to be taken as snacks.

4) Seasonal Vegetables & Fruits are good but sometimes they are too filling & person feels full, avoiding Healthy Proteins & Carbs & Healthy Fats

Make Sure that fruits and vegetables are not given in place of essentials, because the person is restful and fiber in fruits can have counter effects of Bloating up & feeling full too soon.

5) Lots of water & ORS types of liquids like a spoon of Honey + Warm water + Juice of a Fresh Lemon.

Vitamin C present in Citrus Fruits like Lemons, Oranges etc Boost up Immunity, Helping A Faster Recovery.

6) Oxygen through Green plants, fresh leaves with no dust on them.

Avoid Pollution, toxic elements like Smoking and Alcohol And Too Many Medicines for simple add on seasonal complaints like Flu, Viral fevers which are Self Limiting & Do Not Require Heavy Antibiotics which can Damage the Liver

Suggested- To Get Liver Function Tests Every Month as a Reassurance That All Is Well.