Many patients these days visit my clinic with the worry of their cholesterol levels shooting up. Here
I have listed out a few helpful tips for all which might be useful to reduce
the amount of cholesterol levels in our body helping us to live a healthy life.

1. Increase Activity Levels

This is one of the best ways for you to reduce the cholesterol. Have a strict routine of having a walk every day. Exercising gives our body an active state making us feel fit and healthy and also fight many life threatening diseases.

2. Get More Fiber

Eating more fiber is one key to lowering your cholesterol, and is very natural as well. Earlier humans used to eat plenty of fiber, as their diet consisted mostly of fruits growing in trees, and later plants that they found while foraging in a hunter-gatherer lifestyle.
In this modern times the consumption of meat has also gone up making the people more prone to diseases. Increase the amount of fibre, veggies, fruits in your diet.

3. Reduce Saturated Fats

Saturated fat is the bad kind of fat, the kind that hardens arteries and raises your bad levels of cholesterol. If you reduce the amount of saturated fat you eat, all else being equal you should notice a reduction in your cholesterol levels. The easiest way to lower the cholesterol in your food is to either bake or grill the food you are about to consume.

4. Watch the Salt

Today’s foods are already loaded with sodium, yet still we add salt to them in order to flavor them up, sometimes
without even tasting them first to see if they need it. The problem having high intake of salt triggers many health issues. Hypertension which has been a cause of worry for each and every home in our country is responsible for many deaths every year. Reduction in the amount of salt intake will help in keeping away many diseases  also controlling the levels of cholesterol.

5. Eat More Fruits

Fruits are very rich in fibre. They give us instant energy and also help our body loss weight. Fruits have got very low amounts of fats in them making them perfect for our body in todays developed and modernised world. The best way is to have a full fruit meal every day.

6. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is a fantastic help to the body in several different ways, but what we’re most interested here is its
ability to help with cholesterol levels. The trick is that you’ve got to drink a lot of it to see the best results. You can drink up to 10 cups of it per day and you should see a drop in your bad cholesterol levels, while your good
cholesterol levels stay where they are. Green tea also contains plenty of antioxidants, far more than any common tea because it is relatively unprocessed, preserving the good things it contains.