There are 2 religions in this world. One of them is the experience of being a woman. This is the religion which intrigues many through its enigmatic nature. What does she truly want..?? Is there a way to understand her better..?? Let's look at every aspect that makes her what she is and see If we can..!!

Physical Composition: She has it in her to Nurture

When it comes to physical composition, men and women differ in quite a few things. Woman’s body reflects her prime purpose in the existence. Main difference here is with reproductive system and hormonal generation. While men mainly have the hormones facilitating physical strength & sexual instincts which focus on creation, women mainly have the hormones to make her body and mind conducive to build, maintain & nurture. This is the prominent difference at the level of sex.

Social Structuring: Roles she play in the society

To begin with, we humans started as hunter gatherers who lived in forest. Here men who were physically stronger & aggressive could compete with other animals and hunt for food. They got everything that is required from outside, home. Women who could nurture, engaged herself in management of home with tasks like cooking food, home maintenance, caring for her family etc. In this equation, man and woman played equal roles of provider & nurturer. If he cared for her & respected her through his activities, she complimented with hers. Eventually when humans evolved & started making their lives comfortable, they invented 101 ways of engagement including the concept of money. Everything which was done outside the 4 walls of house, became a profession with different amount of money associated with it. More the number of people who embraced the profession, lesser was its value. Lesser the money associated with a profession, lesser was it respected. In all these developments, we forgot one thing. There was another religion called woman, whose existence was mainly inside 4 walls. In the beginning we couldn't come up with a way to decide the value of work done inside home. We thought her role as an overall manager of household is invaluable & priceless hence cannot be gauged however eventually it became undervalued & priced less because there was no money associated with it. This concept of value got established in general psyche. Eventually she started to engage in caring & nurturing professions which as well tend to be invaluable in their nature & undervalued. At this point, with the concept of value shifting to work involving analysis & reasoning rather than physical, men & woman hold equal probability of flourishing at them. However, household management still happens to be our basic need which is undervalued and taken for granted by many progressive men & women alike. We all wish to be fed & cared for however it’s all expected to happen by itself somehow...??

Emotional Strength: She can sustain longer without appreciation?

Every one of us need food to sustain. Most important food we consume is that, we feed our mind & heart with. Our heart and mind survive based on the way rest of the world treats us. We all are seekers of attention. Most of the things we do is for the approval of others in one way or the other. When we engage in a profession, first aspect of the recognition we get is the money and the second is the appreciation. We decide our own value in this world based on these 2 factors. In a man’s life, by engaging in a profession, he at least gets money if not appreciation however in an average woman’s life, she has the probability of missing both if she doesn't engage in a recognized profession..? Just the way we consider a man working outside for a family to be his duty, we consider woman toiling for family, inside home as her duty and fail to appreciate her. Cooking could be a profession or a responsibility. whenever it’s done outside 4 walls, it becomes a fancy profession however at home it’s just part of the concept of home. Here both men & woman suffer from lack of appreciation however weight carried by woman tend to be higher because her role itself could be overlooked. It might make her insecure & show it in one way or another.

 Intellectual Flexibility: She embodies Change

Woman is the religion which embodies change. She has all the seasons of the year, within her. Changes of environment in her body is reflected by her menstrual cycle. She prepares herself to hold another life every month. These hormonal changes might reflect in her mood & behaviour. Her capacity to hold & care for life makes her sensitive to people around her. She is flexible & adaptable to any environment if treated with a little love & respect. Her changing body gives her a chance to understand changes in oneself & the other. You could express 101 of your thoughts to her and she can point out that one which is most important to you by capturing emotions. Her sensitivity for emotions lets her see the meaning behind thoughts. She can explore her inner world better while men are equipped to explore the outer world.

Striving for Security: Coping with Course of Life..!!

​Constructive engagement is the basic need of every single person. If she could create a beautiful family through her roles, she has it in her to engage in any sort of profession & create value for society. In today’s world which mainly speaks & understands the language of money; she might be required to engage in a recognized profession, not just as an expression of herself but also as a means for survival & security. It is the best scenario when a woman or a man could engage in a profession, which is mainly their self-expression and a means for further self-exploration. Woman’s mixed engagement pattern however might leave her more confused & stressed than clear about where she stands. 

Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter: What’s her role in Your Life?

We have experienced her in different roles. There is one who has raised you to be so beautiful & another who grew playing & quarrelling with you. There is one more who has been your companion for life, who is a teasing lover/caring mother/playful daughter in one. There is one more looking at you with such a devotion in her twinkling eyes that your heart explodes with pride. You have been experiencing her beauty, her sensitivity, her love, her expectations, her emotional turmoil & her vulnerabilities in all these roles.

As a Woman Is She Feeling Valued?

Amidst 101 things a woman manages, she runs the risk of not managing her own value & space. Rest of the world looks at us & treats us the way we treat our selves. Women tend to nurture the whole family forgetting to nurture themselves. Person who is neglected and belittled by self tends to be neglected & demeaned by others as well. She ought to Start owning her life & respecting what she does. It sets a standard for others to respect her. Being a woman, one ought to give herself some space when she creates space for everyone else in the family. She need not do anything she doesn't want to do to prove a point. Any work is a celebration in itself and a means for development if it’s done with whole heart. She ought to truly love, respect & cherish what she is doing. That way, people in her life will understand her and look at her from her perspective. It's difficult to change the way world treats us however we can change the way we treat ourselves with a little effort in turn reinforcing social change. Let's look at women in our own life and check if they realize their value. Self-empowerment is the beginning of social empowerment.

Hope we understand & appreciate this most discussed religion called woman a little more now. If she is special & unique so is the religion called man. Even he is misunderstood many a times. I would love to write about him, may be another time..!