Osteoporosis or weakening of bones is more common in women because of biological roles assigned by Mother Nature- bearing children and nurturing them. 

Women can be careless during their youth.

Women do take extra Iron, Folic Acid & Calcium as tablets and as supplements all through 9 months of pregnancy.

Why do women stop supplements of Calcium just after delivery?

The baby grows up to be 2-3 kgs in uterus consuming resources of mother.

Same baby weighs about 10 kgs at 1 year (if fed on mother's milk or not).

The problems of weak knees start during youth and aggravate around menopause due to Hormonal effects.

Our Ancestors were Apes who used 4 limbs but we as humans are putting entire load on lower limbs, making lower limbs including knees wear out faster than rest of the body.

4 Ways to Strengthen Knees

1) Eat lots of Calcium Rich Foods like Diluted Toned Milk,Curd, Dairy products (Never mind Cholesterol) 

Seasonal Vegetables & Fruits, Simple Proteins like Soy, protein supplements & pulses.

It is risky to take Calcium as supplements in the form of tablets because higher dose can get deposited within the body.

Vitamin D is a Sunshine Vitamin, manufactured by the Liver after continuous, uninterrupted exposure to the Direct Sun for Minimum ONE Hour in a day. 

Exposure to the Sun is Vital:

  • Temperature during early mornings is around 25-30 degrees & Morning Walk/Yoga & Meditation can be Combined with Sun Therapy.
  • Sun Rises early & it is possible to choose a place, getting direct sun rays.
  • Women who are conscious of getting tanned, can get Direct Rays on the back, wearing thin cottons
  • Sun Exposure should not be filtered through windows.
  • Sun Exposure has to be direct and uninterrupted for an hour per day (One does not have to depend upon supplements of fat soluble Vitamin D which can be harmful if taken extra).

2) Keep Levels of Good Cholesterol On Higher Range, above 80.

Good Cholesterol lubricates the spaces between the long bones of legs, specially around the knees.

Sources of Good Cholesterol are a bowl of assorted Nuts+ spoon of good fats like Pure Ghee or Butter.

3) Moringa Leaves ( Drumsticks)

One spoon of Moringa Leaves taken as powder ,added to smoothies or curds.

4) Eucalyptus Oil - Inhalation Only (never to be taken orally)

This oil is full of benefits provided few precautions are taken:

  • Inhalation of oil helps cure respiratory diseases because of its anti-inflammatory properties, which help the affected inflamed joints also.
  • Remember that inflammation within the body, whether in the food pipe or urinary system is the root cause of other diseases like heart attacks, clogging of blood vessels, weakening of knees along with the bones.

5) Eat Well & Avoid Foods which Cause Distention 

  • Exercise should be according to capacity to bear the loads on knees.
  • Do not follow herd mentality.