Say No to Medicines as Laxatives. Eat Healthy, eat individualistically, learn to listen to own body language without Herd Mentality.

People say that eat breakfast like a King/Queen, Moderate lunch and Light Dinner.

Other learned people might suggest about Not Eating anything after Sunset.

1) Be your own person but do take guidance.

  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables according to constitution, work profile and Age.
  • A person holding a sitting job cannot be compared to the one always on the Go.
  • Warm water with lemon juice can be had many times in a day.
  • People do not die due to Potassium present in fresh lemon juice.

Warm water as tea, with honey , as clear soups and beverages stimulates peristaltic movements in food pipe washing away the scum as acid collected leading to a very common complaint-Acidity.

2)Bananas being a complete food full of vitamins and minerals is a natural laxative.

Diabetics too can have one or two, cutting down calories elsewhere. Banana=30 to 40 calories only.

3) Papaya can be a laxative for some and distention causing food for others with weak digestive system.

Look within and do consume some. Same rule is applicable to other Not so soft fruits like apples, pears etc.

4) Citrus fruits are good in moderation. Oranges, Kinoos, mausamis are good source of Vitamin C. These fruits are rich in fiber that works as bulk ,reducing the chances of getting constipated.

5) Daal-roti-subjee-chawal and lots of water but not Just after food. Some warm water helps food particles to move on to get digested better.

Make it a habit to consume only warm water based beverages just after food.

Never take cold water with food.

Our hearts are beating but we do not feel it , our lungs, brain and other organs are functioning @ 24 hours but we never feel them working unless they are loaded with extra work to do.

Our food pipe is 6 feet long pipe with small intestine rolled in abdomen joined by stomach on top and large intestine on the lower end.

And food pipe is moving too through peristaltic movements. Do not overload it. Do not let the waste get collected. With age the movements get sluggish. Do not eat on days when system is not clean& drink water based beverages only to get basic energy.

Do Not get Hooked on to Laxatives as they too have limitations and side effects.

Our kitchen has useful and harmless products for help digestion like saunf, ajwain, jeera, ginger, garlic, heeng etc.