The need to breastfeed your new born baby is emphasised over and again. But sometimes, in spite of correct guidance and knowledge of the fact that breast milk is best for the baby, the mother is helpless. That’s because she is unable to produce enough milk to satiate the hunger of the baby.

Dr. Neha Bansal, a paediatrician and new born-specialist considers this to be a very common problem and mostly can be dealt with some easy tips. The 5 tips she suggests are the following:

1) Nurse Frequently: Nursing your baby frequently is completely normal but is not preferred by some women thinking that they might over feed. But that’s not true. Breast milk is easy to digest and you can give it at intervals of every 1.5 to 2 hrs.

2) A good diet: Include food in your diet that’s known to facilitate milk production like oatmeal, selective fresh fruits and vegetables, and other natural spices.

3) Nurse both sides: Keep changing sides so that both breasts produce good amount of milk.

4) Latch properly: The position in which you feed your baby does matter. Get in touch with your gynaecologist or new-born specialist to figure out the best way.

5) Don’t skip feeding

If you replace formula milk with your breast milk, your glands will get the signal that breast milk is no more required. So, don’t skip feeding.

Sometimes the above method wouldn’t work but that doesn’t mean that you give up on breast feeding. Consult your doctor to come up with the possible solution. Do not try hormonal or other medicines without prescription; it can be fatal to both mother and baby.