Are you somebody who regularly has to struggle with digestive system issues? It is because of the foods that we eat, combinations of different foods, and eating at irregular timings can lead to digestive system issues. An off digestive system can lead to various issues such as bloating of stomach, constipation, acidity, heartburn or gas, diarrhoea etc. So it is important to keep your digestive system in a good working state. Here are some tips to improve your digestion:

1. Chew your food well:

We suggest that chewing your food well is the basic step for having good digestion. It is said that one bite of food should be chewed for a total of 32 times.

2. Drinking plenty of water:

We suggest that for good digestion it is important to drink plenty of water. It helps us to stay well hydrated. Insufficient water intake is the primary reason for constipation. 

3. Increase consumption of dietary fibre:

We suggest that increasing the consumption of dietary fibre in your diet can help you in improving your digestive health. A diet that is high in fibre helps the food to keep moving through your digestive tract making you less like to suffer from constipation. Include dietary fibre in your daily intake of food such as lentils, beans, whole grains, dates, dried figs etc.

4. Incorporate probiotics into your diet:

Probiotics are the good bacteria that that are naturally present in your digestive tract. We suggest that these have been shown to improve gut health. Probiotics are very essential for a good digestive system. Probiotics can be found in yoghurt, fermented foods and drinks.

5. Eat according to a schedule and practice mindful eating:

We suggest that eating on time and according to a schedule plays a very important role in keeping your digestive system happy and in a good shape. Eat all your meals at the same time each and every day. Also, practice mindful eating. Know the amount of food that you actually require. Overeating can cause digestive problems. Try to avoid binge eating.