Feeling sad while facing life stressors is fairly common. But for some people, it may persist for a long time, the intensity may increase & it may start affecting their day to day functioning. Dealing with depressive mood may seem likely a lonely struggle because of the stigma attached & due to the unhelpful comments from near & dear ones, 'Just get yourself together'...'Its just a phase'...

Here are some tips to help you deal with your depression..

Break the cycle of negativity 

If you are starting to feel depressed it can be very easy to get into a cycle  of pessimistic thoughts which are difficult to stop, making you more depressed. You may need to understand that your thoughts are getting influenced by your mood & they may not be a reality. Distracting yourself while you get these thoughts, objectively looking at them as coming from a depressed brain & focusing on any positive thoughts may be useful.

Keep active

Regular physical  exercise can be very effective in lifting your mood and increasing your energy levels, and it is also likely to improve your appetite and sleep. Physical activity stimulates chemicals in the brain called endorphins, which can help you to feel better.

Initially you may feel reluctant to engage in any activity but once you start doing it even for 10-20 minutes; over a period of time, you may be more likely to continue it once you start seeing its effect.

Connect with other people 

Although you many not feel like it, but even a small talk with your friend or a text message over phone will help you to feel good & sometimes get things more in perspective. It will help you to challenge your negative beliefs about yourselves eg. No one wants to talk to me....I am boring...

Care for yourself 

You need to do things that will improve the way you feel about yourself & reinforce the idea that you deserve good things. E.g. a long bath, a day out with a friend, watching your favourite movie.

Avoid quick fix solutions

 Be cautious with using tobacco, alcohol or other drugs to make you feel better , as these can ,over a period of time make 
your depression worse, and a lot of caffeine can  make you a bit jittery.

These tips will help you if you have mild depression. But if you have moderate to severe depression or it is affecting your day to day functioning or you are having suicidal thoughts, it is better to see a trained mental health professional who will need to assess you, order investigations, offer counseling or medication as a solution for your problems.