What is Bloating?

Bloating could be a result of overeating, excess gas within the stomach, and in fact period cramps. Once we notice stomach being bigger after a significant meal, feeling super gassy, then there's PMS which could be a whole different story.

Do you know that 1/2 the stomach is crammed with swallowed air? And stomach bloat from gas produced by the bacteria within the intestine to digest the food that we ate. The tougher it's to digest the food, the more gas your stomach will produce, so not only can we want to appear better in clothes and also not be mistaken for being pregnant. 

We also don't need to feel bloated because it’s not an honest feeling so here we go today. 

Let’s see the way to debloat in five simple ways:


#TIP 1

Drink a cup of lemon with plight every morning after you awaken. It's to awaken your stomach and it's also great to drink it after or during the meal. Lemon contains plenty of antioxidants and thanks to its sour taste, it helps to supply saliva which can help within the digestion process.


#TIP 2

Avoid drinking coffee, milk, soy for breakfast. Switch it to almond milk which doesn’t contain any dairy or yogurt with probiotics and not those with plenty of sugar and syrup. The probiotics in yogurt help the bacteria in your body to digest the food better and digest food better. 


#TIP 3

Avoid consuming carbonated drinks like soda especially after they claim to be diet as there's usually contain heaps of sugar and in fact, alcohol is out of the question it'll form gas within the stomach but it also makes your face bloat. it's known that it's a mixture of sugar and toxins. Instead, you'll take ginger lemongrass tea. Ginger helps to alleviate gases and reduces intestinal activity. It also thins the blood and increases blood circulation. So it's also effective in relieving pain. 

Avoid eating greasy foods especially victuals. Fast foods or processed foods are high in salt. Salt can cause water retention in your body hence making you are feeling and appear bigger than you truly are. 


#TIP 4

Avoid swallowing an excessive amount of air. It's important to undertake to avoid chewing gum and eat slower. If you chew your food longer and slower you're helping your stomach and intestine to lower the diligence. Eating too fast can cause gastrointestinal inflammation. Eat plenty of berries which encompasses a high water content helps to flush out all of your systems and also relieves constipation.


#TIP 5 

A lot of times bloating is caused by anxiety and stress and meditation helps with only in blood circulation but it also helps to clear the mind and also assists in managing your stress. 

Meditating for just 15-20 minutes every day won't only calm your mind and stomach, but it also enhances good sleep. 


PRESSURE POINTS massage will facilitate you to alleviate bloating. Find your belly button, place four fingers above it. 

The point is under your above furthest finger, move firmly and massage for 3 minutes clockwise and anti-clockwise. You'll feel a little bit of ache, your mouth is watering, sour feeling but this one helps to eliminate gas and also helps to deflate your stomach. 


People with serious conditions and severe bloating should seek medical help.