Breastfeeding is the most beautiful part of life for a mother. Apart from its nutritious benefits, it also increases the bonding between mommy and the baby and brings the feeling of belonging to one another. Here are 5 quick tips for breastfeeding mothers:

1. The first and the most important tip for breastfeeding is mommies should be confident that they have to feed and it is the best nutrition for their baby and they should feel happy about it.

2. The second step would be they should have a complete and proper latching.

3. Position of breast feeding should be proper and comfortable for both the mommy and the baby.

4. Make sure that your baby takes the feed completely and burp the baby before lying her straight on bed. She should be having few hours of sound sleep during the day.

5. Babies should pass clear urine adequately and should be gaining weight which would make sure that your feed is sufficient for your baby.

Still if you feel that your baby is not taking feed properly or your have any doubts, you should discuss it with your Pediatrician as early as possible and still be confident about breastfeeding your baby.