1. Surround yourself with positive people and cultivate optimism

It is always said that if people around you are happy and optimistic you in turn feel happy and satisfied. Trusted friends and family members who laugh, joke around and try and maintain an uplifting attitude towards life and e people whom you should associate with. Try and develop a perspective where you see the positive in every situation as much as possible. Start with the basics of understanding the cause of your negative thoughts and then simply work upon them.

2. Exercise and live a healthy life

Everyone knows that regular exercise makes people more confident, happy and glow from within, but do not know the reason behind it? According to science exercises release endorphins which are happy hormones therefore exercising regularly makes you happy. Set simple and small health goals which are achievable, as setting unrealistic goals can cause disappointment. Practice deep breathing and yoga. Relaxing and releasing tension through deep breathing exercises and yoga can help you feel more calm, centered and happier throughout the day .

3. Engage in creative activities  

 Creative activities can range from writing.. to painting... to cooking... or even dancing.. and singing... . When your mind is occupied in doing these tasks your full awareness and concentration is on it and once you accomplish these tasks you will feel good about yourself . Try and involve yourself in activities which energize you and give you sense of achievement and accomplishment . 

4. Pamper yourself

In our very busy and hectic lives we sometime forget to take care of ourselves. Most of us keep on doing everything for others and in turn neglect our needs. So from now onwards take out a few minutes everyday just for yourself. Focus on the positives in the present moment, instead of dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Accept and love yourself for all your unique talents and gifts yourself a happy life. Spend less time trying to please others and more time to please oneself.

 5. Help others 

Helping others is not always associated with charity or giving someone something materialistic, it can also be the smallest gesture helping a friend for an exam or taking a shift for a colleague who has some problem at home. Donating clothes, helping an orphanage and going to shelter homes can also make you happy and might give your life a purpose. Whatever is in your capacity you should do because helping others in their time of need is the most fulfilling feeling.