Your child is precious. And care for all precious things and people do not come just like that. There is always a pre-planned and smartly thought of an idea to do it perfectly. And when it comes to your child’s health, you just cannot compromise.

So, what’s the first thing you need to put thought into when your child goes through a health problem? Yes, selecting a child specialist or paediatrician for him here. Here’s a brief but important note on what all you should consider while choosing your child’s health consultant:

Best gynaecologist

Yes, there’s a connection. This is more relevant in case of new born babies. If the hospital has an experienced gynaecologist, things get easier. A lot of what happens to your child depends on your body as well, so having a gynaecologist to consult within in same premises makes things much more sorted.

Experience in govt. hospital 

In countries like India, having govt. hospital experience matters a lot as the doctor gets firsthand experience of dealing with so many patients with various cases. Your paediatrician should have the same experience to deal with your child’s problem efficiently.

Patient Experience per day & No. of experience year

How many patients your doctor sees in a particular day on an average also reflects his/her expertise. You should consider it while choosing a doctor for your child. On the same lines, the number of experience years of a doctor also matters a lot.


And without a second thought, the qualification of your doctor matters. Many practitioners around consult without having legal right to do so. Beware of these doctors and only consult recognised paediatricians.

Time spent with patient

A good doctor is the one who spends considerable time with the patient to identify the problem better. Make sure your doctor isn’t hurrying up to see more patients in a day.

Accessible 24 hrs 

If your child is suffering from something prolonged, he/she might need medical help at odd times during day or night. So, it’s is recommended to choose a doctor or hospital available 24×7 for your child. Keeping these points will ensure that your child doesn’t go through a harrowing experience of going from doctor to doctor when he is already suffering.