5 things, you must know about your knee.

The knee is the biggest joint of body and important for ambulation & standing. In its worth, and usefulness; it is no less thanHeart, Kidney or Liver. But very often people underestimate its significance and do not pay proper attention to its health. These five points can keep your knee healthy:

1. Obesity is a source of many medical problems. Obesity is the enemy of the knee joint.

2. Exercise is the biggest friend of Knee. Simple walking is very beneficial to all body & to Knee.

3.The well-known, historical squat, improves muscles of the whole leg. If you can do squats then your legs remain Healthy and strong. Good muscles help to maintain the health of a joint.

4. Foot, Ankle, Leg, Knee, Hip, Lower back is one functional unit. Any problem in one part can lead to a problem in other parts. A problem, howsoever minor in any part should not be neglected. A painful toe can eventually cause pain in Knee or even back. Diseases like Diabetes & Hypothyroidism are bad for bones, joints and muscles.

5. A healthy diet containing sufficient Calcium, Vit.D and proteins are important. Please under no circumstances, underestimate the Knee. A young, perfectly healthy man can become due to unhealthy Knee.