1. Your Body 

Pay attention to all aspects of your body. Get into a healthy routine of eating on time and exercising regularly. This is a good time to take care of all aches and pains-niggling backache, migraines, toothache and all such things. Drink plenty of water . Avoid eating foods with preservatives. Go organic.

2. Your Mind

Awareness of the Self. Avoid cluttering the mind with too many tasks. This is a time to devote some free space in the mind . Learn to delegate non essential tasks. Enjoy the calmness of mind to simply sit and enjoy a cup of green tea ! Yoga, Tai Chi, Positive self-affirmations can all help to slow the mind to a calm state.

3. Your Emotions

Learn to go with the flow. Avoid setting deadlines to achieve pregnancy. It may take a bit longer than you thought it would. Don't get frustrated. Do not dwell on anger and regrets. Happy thoughts can create a great balance inside your body. This will help your body to get pregnant .

4. Your Environment

You may have control on only some of the things that happen around you. Accept that.Create a space that is calm and filled with good energy. If you are a working professional, take the help of colleagues to reduce stress in the work place.

5. Your Spouse

A healthy relationship is the foundation of a good marriage. Learn to focus on devoting a lot of time to your partner. Foster love and understanding. Try going on a holiday. Take the help of your family so that you can spend quality time with your spouse.