f I am asked this question,'Is Internet Technology a boon or a bane?', I'd say, "it is a bane". People don’t realize the amount of damage they are doing to their body, both physically and mentally.

Humans have become machines staying among machines. They sit in the same place for hours together without much movement, thereby enacting the machines in themselves.

It can be a boon to a lot of people who earn loads of money and luxury. But here is a list of things that come along free with it -

  • Bad posture - we are turning into “apes" again - the same forward chin, rounded shoulder & hunched back.
  • Strained eyes - Eye muscles get weak due to the harmful rays emitted from the laptop/ desktop that results in tired eyes, dry eye syndrome or heavy power glasses. 
  • Low water intake makes you dehydrated, making you look pale and stressed.
  • Mental pressure leading to hypertension at a young age, migraines and insomnia, etc.
  • Diseases like diabetes, hormonal dysfunctions, liver problems, indigestion, so on and so forth.

So, what can be done? We obviously cannot change the nature of work. What we can do is keep ourselves “physically and mentally fit“. And, how do we achieve that? 

1. Do your exercises regularly - Walk, gym, jog, cycle, dance, anything! Any form of physical movements is good in keeping your muscles and joints flexible. Keeps your hormone and systems balanced.

2. Do meditation, yoga or sing - This helps you to keep your mental calm.

3. Drink a lot if water - At least have about 3 glasses of water in 2 hrs. You will at least get up every 30 mins to visit the rest room! Your joints will have that extra needed movement.

4. Stay positive and think positive

5. Eat healthy and nutritious food - Cut down on junk food, coffee and aerated drinks.

Take care - Stay healthy, Stay Fit!