We all get lazy to go to the dentist. Dont we?

Here are few things you can , do at home which are as simple as routine things , and will make a BIG DIFFERENCE to increase life of your teeth 


An electronic /motorised brush is said to be 4-5 times better and efficent than manual brushing, according to a recent study. Initially recommended for physically  disabled patients is now a thing of past, the constant scrub of the motor of the brush ensures optimum removal of food from the groovy tooth surfaces, hence ensuring a better cleaning than manual which lacks the constant force as it is very individualistic
on what kind of force we use for brushing, too hard /too soft..its never just right 

Investing in an electronic brush is one of the best things one can do.


How we clean between our fingers when we wash our hands, in the similar manner we clean between our teeth with an inter dental aid - a dental floss/ inter dental brush. It is one of the best things you can do to your teeth, as it prevents dental decay between teeth which is one of the most commonest issues as we age, which is always hidden, so it becomes even more important than regular brushing, even a motorised brush cant clean between teeth.

So , educate yourself, look onto some you tube videos for flossing, its a habit you need to start now .


You must have seen your elderly grandparents or your father rinsing his mouth after meals and rubbing his finger vigrousoly to remove remaining food, it a practice that has been following generations and still stands of great significance. 

You cant brush your teeth all day, as you cant have access to your tooth brush all the time and hence this is one of the simplest things to do wherever you are, just take mouth full of water, count till 5 while you rinse left, right and centre, it will take care of most of the bulk food 


After a good brush and good flossing , the next best thing to do is to chew on a sugar free chewing gum, it stimulates the salivary glands  and therefore increase the flow of saliva in the mouth, therby diluting the acidic ph of the mouth which is harmful to teeth which tend to decay in such an envoirnment

Taking a sugar free chewing gum after a smoke or meal serves great to, keep your breath fresh too.


This is a common practice that we all, follow but do we do it right. We usually get those u shaped, steel tongue cleaners, which restrict the cleaning only to the front of the tongue. 

In recent studies it is said , that the bad breath bacteria rest in the back /most posterior part of the tongue which can be easily cleaned with - STRAIGHT RULER like tongue cleaners or even a tooth brush head when dipped in a mouthwash or otherwise 

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