Five senses that human body has, one of most important sensory organics skin. If you protect your skin internally and externally, it enhances the look and gives confidence. Here are 5 golden rules of skincare that you will swear by

1. Hydration: Keeping the skin moist is the first among the golden rules. The skin is 64 percent water, so drinking plenty of water increases blood flow to the skin improving circulation making the skin look radiant. Knowing the type of your skin also helps to understand whether to hydrate it more than usual.

2. Protecting from Sun: The ultraviolet rays of the sun can really be hazardous to the skin. Using an appropriate sunscreen lotion with a good amount of SPF helps to protect skin from the harmful effects of sunlight. Harmful effects of sunlight include tanning, burning sensation, scaling and also skin cancer. A daily moisturizer with a good SPF should be used to avoid any side effects of sunshine. Keep the glow on even while stepping in the hot sun without covering your body, that’s the beauty of using a moisturizer with SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

3. Stress protection: Pollution, stress and smoke harm the skin to no bounds. Cleansing before sleeping, consuming a lot of antioxidants help to keep skin fresh and healthy.

4. Effective makeup removal: Make-up around eyes should be removed religiously following a meticulous cleanup routine. This would help eyes to feel fresh and the skin around eye would stay young.

5. Using Luke-warm water: Cleaning the face with lukewarm water prevents the harm which is caused to the skin by hot water. The hot water not only takes away natural oils of the skin but also cause dryness and irritation. Keeping your skin out of hot shower would help it look much younger.