Here are some of the benefits of online counseling for depression:

1. It's a realistic alternative to a person living in small town to get the best care in India

We often take for granted how easy it is to travel from home to an office in the city. However, there are many people in small towns and rural territories that might be  hours away from a city clinic. This makes it very difficult to seek help. The cost of travel and waiting list becomes a big hassle.

2. It's an ideal option for persons with limited mobility/ co-morbid conditions

It's no coincidence that many people who suffer from depression also have physical limitations regarding mobility. If they are unable to drive or have a more difficult time doing so then taking the time to get to an appointment can be complicated or even impossible. Even if a person is not disabled if they suffer from things like chronic pain it can be hard to get to an office when they aren't feeling well. Online therapy can be conducted from the comfort of their own home when they can be in their most comfortable positions. Online therapy is an alternative that goes beyond physical limitations.

3. It's a convenient option that favors shy, awkward or depressed people who don't feel comfortable talking to a psychiatrist in person

Many individuals who suffer from depression also have problems with anxiety. Sometimes these negative feelings are made worse by the obligation to face a stranger and confess their weaknesses, negative thoughts and feelings of despair. Anonymous counseling provides some distance, some feeling of control for the person, that he/she might not get in person with an authority figure.Many young people grew up texting and chatting online and may be more comfortable using technology than speaking about delicate matters in person. 

4. It offers greater control over scheduling, or even at odd hours of the day or night

Online counseling for depression may allow you to choose your own session times, or in some cases, to log in whenever you feel panic or have depression or suicidal feelings. The adaptable schedule that can match your lifestyle may feel like a lifesaver at times.If you have a tight schedule your only chance to go to counseling might be early in the morning before work, during your lunch break, or after the kids are in bed for the night. However, early hours and late hours are most likely not available in person. And, if your work location isn't right by your PSYCHIATRIST'S office it might be impossible to get in an appointment over your lunch break.

5. There's a lack of social stigma attached to a mostly anonymous and affordable service

Not only can it be incredibly helpful to talk to someone that you don't know personally, but it can make the whole thing easier. Online counseling can be a completely anonymous service, with discreet billing and affordable services. Many who are depressed will not want to risk their reputation by publicly being seen talking to a doctor or PSYCHIATRIST. Worrying about the stigma associated with mental health can stop people from reaching out for the help that they need. With online counseling, only you and the therapist have to know about these private matters.

A new study published in LANCET suggests that patients suffering from depression and allied symptoms have benefited more or less in a similar manner irrespective of the mode of therapy (online or in-person). This gives new hope to people living outside metro cities in INDIA , as they can seek help from psychiatrists available online.