Entrepreneurs work relentlessly and earnings are normally from business of selling goods or services, instead of salaries or bonuses. Since entrepreneurship demands more time and effort then being a regular employee, entrepreneurs normally end up working for 60+ hours a week and are left with little or no time to focus on their health. Their busy schedule doesn’t even allow them to take proper lunch breaks and they often sit in front of computers/ laptops for hours without taking any short breaks. By the time they get free, they are so tired and hungry that they eat whatever is available and most often, they end up eating junk food like Vada Pav/ Samosa/ Burgers/ Pizzas, etc.  

In this article, I have tried to provide some simple tips which will help entrepreneurs to stick to a Healthy Lifestyle even with their busy schedule:

1. Wake Up Early: For many entrepreneurs, the toughest job is getting out of bed. Waking up early has lots of positive effects on your health. Try to give at least 30 minutes to exercise - it can be anything -morning walk, jogging, swimming, yoga, gym, etc. Waking up early also gives you more time to plan your day and priorities your tasks so that at least you get time for having your meals on time.

2. Start your day with Luke Warm Lemon water/ Fruits: Most of us start our day with Tea/ Coffee, but unfortunately it is not the best drink to start your day with. As Tea/ Coffee contains caffeine, our body is not able to absorb vitamins/ minerals and this also affects our metabolic system. We should replace it with Luke Warm/ Lime water as it detoxifies our digestive system, increases metabolism and boosts energy. After around 30 minutes, you should also eat handful of nuts or seasonable fruits. Fruits are a great source of fibers and Vitamin C and if eaten empty stomach, one can derive complete nutritional benefits. 

 3. Don’t Skip Breakfast: There is an old saying “Eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. If you skip breakfast, you are bound to feel hungry, and if you are hungry you are bound to grab anything available. So it is always better to have a heavy breakfast, so your body is fuelled for the entire day. Try to eat Protein rich foods in breakfast like Eggs, Salad Sandwiches, Moong Chilla, Oats, Idli. etc; but if these things are not possible it can be anything which is prepared at home like Poha, Upma, Paneer/Parathas, etc.

 4. Drink Enough Water: Water is very important to keep you hydrated, maintain body temperature, help reduce weight, flash out toxin and for healthy skin etc. and but many people do not drink enough water because of their busy schedules. Set reminder on your phone to or you have a water bottle on your desk. You can also include lemon water, coconut water, aam panna or fresh fruit juices in between meals. 

5. Don't forget to eat your lunch - With a tight schedule & back to back meetings, it might not be possible to eat lunch at a fixed time. Try eating a small meal on your desk. It will help to boost your energy level and also lunch gives your brain the energy to think clearly. You should include healthy lunch options like, grilled sandwich with salad, sprouts with buttermilk, grilled panner sandwich or multigrain bread panner, or veg multigrain roll. Try yogurt with a fruit bowl for a pleasant change.

With these tips, all the entrepreneurs out there are bound to be mentally & physically fit!