Penis size is one sensitive issue among men. The small penis usually makes these men feel bad about themselves. Consequently, these men start losing their confidence and hating themselves. The medical science today has provided for a number of methods which are used to enlarge the size of a man’s penis.

Penis enlargement is real and a majority of people are opting for the same. The methods such as pills,surgery, traction devises, and injections are popularizing themselves are penis enlargement methods throughout the world. However, these methods are generally only useful for all the men who experience penile trauma or any kind of medical disorder which affects the function of their penis.

Penis enlargement options:

Following are the options of penis enlargement:

Topical products: Various creams, lotions, and oils claim of penile enlargement. These products usually contain chemicals and hormones which increases the flow of blood in the body. There is no evidence that this is a guaranteed method for penis enlargement.

Exercises: Physical exercises are a common method for penis enlargement. As scientific technique known as jelling involves massaging of the penis to increase the flow of blood down there.

Supplements: A number of companies are trying hard to sell pills to enhance penis size. At best, these supplements wouldn’t affect you all. The worst-case scenario is that these supplements comprise of the drug called sildenafil which could be dangerous for all the men suffering from heart disease.

Penile traction: Penile traction devices allow men to attach weights to their penises with a major aim at stretching out a couple more inches in order to increase the size of their penis. A medical device known as an extender is said to be improving the penile length. Various vacuums and pumps are also used to serve the same.  

Surgery: Patients often plan to go for surgeries for penis enlargement. The penile implants are used for men suffering from impotence. However, there is no single evidence that they make your penis bigger than ever.

Penile enlargement is a thing and a number of men are opting for the same. However, no single treatment of penis enlargement ensures 100 percent guarantee.