Do you have all the facts on your child’s eye care? There is a lot of misinformation and myths about it out there. 

Eye exams for children are very important to ensure that their eyes are healthy and that they do not have any vision problems that could interfere with school performance or jeopardise their safety. 

An ophthalmologist, a doctor who specialises in medical and surgical eye care, can assist you in preparing your child for a lifetime of good vision. 

Continue reading to debunk 5 common misconceptions about children's eye health.

Myth 1: My child is born with normal eyes and all eye diseases will start later in his/her life.

Truth: This is the most common myth. You should get your child an eye screening immediately post-birth as some babies might have problems in one or both eyes right at birth. 

It might affect their vision if not detected in time.

Myth 2: My child should get eye checkups only when they complain of an eye strain, headache, or inability to see.

Truth: Your child may never complain of any symptoms, even if they have eye problems. In fact, your child can appear to be leading a normal life in spite of having poor vision in one or both eyes. 

Therefore, it is important to get them routinely checked at 1, 3, and 5 years of age to detect any issues with vision and eye development.

Myth 3: My child does not know how to read. How will the doctor test his/her eyes?

Truth: Children of all ages, right from infancy, can undergo a detailed eye check-up. Eye specialists have special tools that can test your child’s vision without having them read anything. 

In addition to vision tests, the overall health of your child’s eye is also examined.

Myth 4: My spouse and I do not have any eye problems, so our child does not need an eye test.

Truth: Your child, irrespective of family history, should be given periodic eye checkups. 

It is true that if you have eye problems, your child has a higher risk of having the same problem. However, any child can develop eye problems, even if their parents' eyes are healthy.

Myth 5: Eye testing is painful for your child and he/she will not cooperate.

Truth: Paediatric ophthalmologists (eye doctors for children) are trained to handle children skillfully and will ensure that the experience is pleasant for your child. 

Paediatric eye clinics have a child-friendly waiting and play area where your child can feel comfortable.

There are numerous myths and unvalidated theories circulating on the internet, but when it comes to your child's vision, knowing the difference between fact and fiction is critical. Seek the advice of a doctor if your child experiences prolonged eye discomfort.

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