Getting that stunning smile is on everyone’s wish-list. However, with so many myths and misconceptions associated with Cosmetic Dentistry, only a mere 17 percent of the Indian population takes up these procedures.


Myth #1: Cosmetic procedures are only for making our teeth look good. No!!

Cosmetic procedures can make your teeth look good but in certain cases they also improve the health of your teeth. For example, if you have a cavity on your front teeth, a simple cosmetic filling will improve the look of your tooth as well as prevent the decay from damaging your teeth any further. Procedures like dental implants prevent many potential problems such as tooth movement, bone loss and difficulty in chewing and speaking.

Myth #2: Cosmetic dentistry is expensive

Newer materials and smart technology helps to cut down costs, allowing us (dentists) to perform procedures more efficiently and cost effectively. Additionally, many dental practices work with their patients to ensure affordability, payment plans and finance options, allowing patients to pay for their procedures over time.

Myth #3: Cosmetic dentistry hasn’t changed much

Cosmetic dentistry has changed a lot over the last couple of decades. Digital dentistry has revolutionized the way we practice cosmetic dentistry. Better materials have been invented that make teeth look better, more natural, and also help the patients to chew comfortably for a longer period.

Myth #4: Cosmetic dentistry always involves major procedures and changes

Not at all! Cosmetic procedures could be as simple as teeth cleaning and whitening, doing a tooth colored filling or even just shaping a tooth to make it look more pleasant. And these procedures are completely painless! There are times when you may need  more elaborate treatment, but that varies from one person to the other. 

Myth #5: Teeth whitening damages teeth

Whitening treatments provided by the dentist in a dental clinic are safe and provide better results. They do not damage your teeth at all.  It is not advised to use products that are bought from stores or websites as we do not know what they contain and could harm your teeth. At-home whitening kits may remove surface stains, but they do not provide the same results, and can often lead to uneven whitening.