Being a parent for the first time is indeed one of the happiest moments of one's life. In fact, it’s a start of a new life even for the parents. But with blessings comes responsibility. And even though parents are very much happy with their duties, they are overwhelmed at times as they are very new to handling a baby.

So, keeping in view the common mistakes and queries of new parents, here are 5 tips every parent must follow:

  1. Don’t make them too sensitive to sound while sleeping: Parents are possessive about their child and will go to any extent to make this comfortable. And that’s why so many new parents these days maintain pin-drop silence at their home while the baby is sleeping. But in reality, you can always and everywhere ensure this and if your baby is so habituated to soundless sleeping he will suffer eventually. So, it is recommended that provide normal circumstances where a shift here and there shouldn’t disturb your baby from sleeping soundly.
  2. Don’t force feed your baby: Babies are moody. Even though you might be astonished at first as to how a human body can survive and cope with this little intake of food but that’s how things naturally are. Newborn babies have a limited capacity. Even if your baby makes fuss sometimes, let them be. Don’t force feed. If the problem persists for days after days, consult a paediatrician for expert dietary advice for your child.
  3. Sleep when your baby sleeps: Most mothers complain about sleepless nights. To be truthful, there’s no concrete solution to this. As the baby cannot comprehend and change his routine by will, you will have to do it. Sleep when your baby sleeps or you will end up tired and fatigued all the time. Rest is important to regain energy to take care of your baby.
  4. Know about your baby’s milestones: Your baby will grow within months and will start doing activities on their own. The physical body will also change and it will have different effects on their mood and health. Knowing about various milestones and their symptoms can help you in handling your baby better. Be in touch with an expert paediatrician and always consider consultation rather than choosing treatment for your baby yourself.
  5. Don’t Panic: As a parent, it can be uncomforting to see your baby cry. But that’s natural way of communication for them and it doesn’t always mean they are in pain. So, learn to get the signs but don’t panic every time they cry or create a fuss. Soothe and cuddle them when they cry but do not make it an overhyped issue.

It is most common in Indian families that the child is experimented upon. If something’s wrong parent will listen to ten other people who just guess and tell you to do things. That’s a total no-no. Only you and your child’s paediatrician can together gauge what’s probably wrong and what’s the right way to go about it.