Sports is being taken up by more & more people especially young ones as hobby & profession. With Gyms & fitness centres mushrooming across the country, there is a rush among general population to train hard becoming physically fit. Being fit definitely increases the productivity & also makes the person feel good about themselves. But this has also seen a spurt in sports related injuries in these group of people. Most common cause of injuries are due to overuse. These can be avoided if certain simple rules are followed.

  1. You cannot become fit overnight by starting exercises and pushing your body beyond its limit to get quick results. Most athletes & sports persons have years of training & hard work behind them to reach this level. Increase the intensity & duration of your exercises gradually in a phased manner to get desired result.
  2. Warm-up- Proper warm-up before starting any sports is essential to prevent injury. Warm-up increases the blood flow to the muscles, stretches muscles, increases flexibility to prevent injuries.
  3. Strengthening- Strengthening of required muscles is essential for balance & power during the sporting activity. Weak muscles may increase the stress on other parts of the body leading to problems.
  4. Stretching- Stiff joints are more prone to injuries during sports. Stretching of ligaments & tendons & flexibility of joints can prevent that.
  5. Rest- Rest is very important to allow the tissues to repair & recover. One should always have a rest day in a week in your training schedule to allow your tissues to heal.