5 things to Avoid once diagnosed with Jaundice-Butter Chicken, Noodles, Paranthas, Daal Makhani & Potato Chips. Why am I being negative to start with? The caring attendants do yield to the demanding patient as if eating something is better than eating nothing!

There are 2 types of Jaundice

  • Infection through contaminated water
  • Germs transmitted through dirty needles and body fluids

Both are self-limiting viral diseases.

A, B, C, D and E

Spread 5 fingers of hand and thumb (A) little finger (E) are Water Borne.

The waterborne diseases take less time to recover compared to other types.

No specific medicines are needed and no quack can claim miracles by curing Jaundice in 1 week.

Once the diagnosis of Jaundice is confirmed clinically and by blood tests for Liver Function, we can wait for recovery through Diet and Rest.

Symptoms of Jaundice is Nausea and Vomiting.

Suppression of appetite is also felt.

1) Do Not Force Feed.

  • Do not yield to the Demanding Patient that Eating Something is Better than Eating Nothing.
  • Do Not give plain water as it can cause distention and aggravate feeling of Nausea.
  • Do Not Give lots of Glucose with water as it can lead to loose motions.
  • Do Not give too much salt and water as it can upset the balance between minerals.

2) ORS type of balance can be created by giving-

  • Lemon+Water+Honey + Pinch of salt is ideal.
  • Juices of other citrus fruits also help to recover because Vitamin C in its natural form does boost Immunity, helping the person recover better.

3) Fresh coconut water is like plasma of blood and there is no upper limit as it can never be toxic,except being a rich source of Potassium,a bit care should be taken for Cardiac Patients.

4) Simple Digestible Carbohydrates like Dry Biscuits, Daal-Roti-Chaawal-Dahi, Subji cooked with minimum fats.

5) Good Cholesterol & Proteins help in recovery of damaged cells. Just a spoon of Pure Ghee/butter + a Katori of dry assorted Nuts for Good Cholesterol.

Simple Proteins are-

  • Eggs, boiled or poached or scrambled using few drops of fats, using non-stick pans with a lid so that steam does the cooking.
  • Toned Milk + water _ Roohafza/ Gulab Sherbet.
  • Clear Soups of chicken/vegetables.
  • Green tea/Plain tea/coffee etc.

Myths associated with Jaundice-

  • Avoid every yellow food like Turmeric or yellow of the egg.
  • Tea and Coffee are not good etc.
  • Certain foods are a must-try to get them minus roadside germs- Cane juice, Beetroot juice, Ginger and every seasonal vegetable and fruit.
  • Total Bed Rest and avoid getting dehydrated due to sweating or lesser intakes of water.
  • The liver can rejuvenate within one month, a person gets a feeling of being normal. Avoid foods for a month certain things which are not liver friendly like lots of medicines, heavy proteins & Carbs, bad fats. 
  • The person carries germs for few months after recovery.
  • Take Care of infecting others and getting a relapse of Jaundice.