Red is color of anger,jealousy,passion,energy,obsession,commitment and Red Blood Cells & Red color in cells if deficient causes Anemia.

Red Cells in our blood carry Oxygen to every other cell of the body making smooth functioning possible for every organ of every system including the Cardiovascular System -Heart & Blood vessels with Lungs as a unit to carry Oxygen during Breathing In 

Why do people get anemic ?

1) Malnutrition caused by Hunger

2) Severe Dieting and despite Surplus food available.

3) Worms in the food-pipe,eating up nourishment

4) Genetic Disease like Thalassemia,major and minor

How to build better Red Blood Cells which can carry enough oxygen ?

What are the 5 substances ?

1) Green Leafy vegetables as all of us are aware of 

Role of greens is a bit hyped though.

One cannot digest enough of leafy vegetables if eaten all alone.

Combine greens with simple Carbs like Potatoes,Corn Flour ( Makki Atta),wheat flour and a bit of Pure ghee/ butter to lubricate the gut. It causes less distention and important ingredients are picked up better through the food-pipe.

2) High Protein Simple Diet

We do get mothers who want to feed Full Cream milk to the kids with a hope that they will get more nourishment. 

Fats are heavier on stomach unless one has an athletic personality.

Kids fed on pure full cream milk are Prone to get Upset Stomachs a lot too often compared to others fed on Homogenized milk , Cow milk etc.

Pulses, Meats ( not fried but steamed after marination ,added with spices of choice ) 

Clear Soups made with meat or vegetables as broth , boiled over low heat.

Boiled egg is a simple protein too like Soya Proteins available in different forms ( Nuggets, Milk, Chunks etc )

3) Vitamin B 12 

This Vitamin is available through Animal Sources only & for vegetarians the best sources are Milk & Dairy Products.

4) Vitamin C - Lemons & Citrus Fruits & Amla (Indian Gooseberry) 

I want to share my formula of taking raw Amla ( impossible for many of us)

Mix deseeded Amla with fresh coriander leaves + fresh leaves of Mint (Pudina) ,Green Chilies &

a bit of water and grind it together to make a Chutney.

Indirectly we are getting benefits of Amla ( Richest source of Vitamin C ) & greens.

5) Oxygen - Yes the cells carrying oxygen , red cells work better in an environment which is free from Pollution.

Breathe in Oxygen through fresh plants within the home, making sure that there is not a speck of dust on the leaves.

All of above 5 things to improve blood cells and to get a reasonable Hb are waste if food-pipe is infested with worms.