In India summer starts from the March and continues up to June. In the beginning of the summer season rays of the sun are soothing but after March the season changes dramatically.  The sun rays become hotter day by day and we begin to get perspiration. The entire earth becomes heated in this season. People cannot work even inside their houses because of heat. They Do not feel energetic and feel sleepy in the afternoon. The hot wind causes much thirst and sunstroke. Due to dehydration and heatstroke many fatal diseases like cholera, smallpox spread easily. Here are 5 important healthy tips to combat summer and helps to maintain electrolyte imbalances in our body.

1. Hydrate Your Body:

The very best of all summer health tips to beat the heat is to keep your body hydrated if you take in lots of fluids. Water is the greatest agent for maintaining good health always. Double the intake of water than you has in winter and drink a minimum of 3-4 liters of water. If you feel that your body is losing out on a lot of salts in summer than simply add a pinch of salt in every glass of water that you drink. Lemon water, coconut water, jal jeera, lassi, panna, mint sharbat are the best ways to beat the heat.

2. Prefer Seasonal Foods:

Including a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables is a straightforward way to remain healthy in summer. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain lots of water.Replace your snacks with your fruits and veggies. The water from these gets easily absorbed through the bloodstream and provides a cooling effect.Consuming watermelon, orange, onions and sattu can also be one way to remain cool.

3. Remain Protected:

To prevent the high levels of heat, summer time health tips highly recommend wearing loose and light clothes. Don’t burden yourself with heavy clothing and dark colours as it can make you feel more hot and irritated. Also, when going outside wear full sleeved shirts and complete pants, and carry a pair of sunglasses, a towel and ahat always with you.

4. Stay Indoors:

The easiest method to beat the heat and the health issues during summer is by staying indoors. If You need to go out, ensure that you wear all kinds of protective gear to prevent the Ultraviolet rays. Schedule all your outdoor activities during the early part of the day or evening.

5. Maintain hygiene:

 Cleansing of your skin at night, before bedtime is much more important. The dirt and pollutants,that have been deposited on the skin during the day, should be removed. This not only helps to reduce surface oil, but also protects your skin from pimples, spots along with other eruptions.