If you're having good oral hygiene by maintaining 2 times tooth brushing & flossing regularly, then your bad breath could be linked with your diet.

If you are brushing, rinsing and flossing very nicely, then you can keep your oral health clean & healthy. 

There are some food culprits that are responsible for bad breath -

1. Onion - No doubt onion is very good for health. It is high in sulfur-containing compounds that get absorbed in our bloodstream & produce an unpleasant odor which we exhale after eating onion.

2.  Garlic - same like onion, garlic also releases a sulfur-containing compound that absorbed into your bloodstream & produces an unpleasant odor which we exhale after eating onion.

3.  Dairy products - like ( milk, cheese, paneer) - No doubt Dairy product is good for your bones & health but for your breath, it is not a good option. bacteria present in the oral cavity breaks down the amino acid present in a dairy product & produces an unpleasant odor that we exhale after consuming it.

4. Coffee  & Alcohol - coffee can be a major culprit for bad breath. In spite of its potential to help in reducing Type 2 diabetes and lowering the risk of oral and pharyngeal cancer. Caffeine initiates the dryness in the oral cavity which reduces salivary flow & causes dry mouth, which helps more germs & bacteria to grow and cause bad breath. more like caffeine alcohol also reduces the salivary flow and causes dry mouth & helps more of the germs and bacteria to grow and cause bad breath.

5. Tuna -  It is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids - which help to improve the functioning of the blood vessels, reduce the risk factor of cardiovascular disease & lower blood pressure. when it reacts with the acid present in the oral cavity it starts smelling foul & produces an unpleasant odor which we exhale after consuming it.

 If you have a problem of bad breath then You have to look after your diet.

How to maintain bad breath?

1. Two times regular brushing and flossing nicely.

2. Try to rinse every time after having this food in the diet 

3. Drink plenty of water

4. Try sugar-free chewing gum in order to increase the saliva flow in the oral cavity. which will prevent the bacteria and germs to grow in the oral cavity & and clean the tooth surface & reduces dry mouth.

 Conclusion -

Fighting with bad breath is a part of your Healthy smile. Maintaining oral hygiene & reducing the consumption of culprit food products in the diet will help to maintain your oral health condition & make you free from bad breath.