Fever takes less time to Recover & to come back to Normal self if Diet Therapy, Rest and plenty of water is part of treatment along with Relevant Medicines.

 Mothers/Caretakers yield into demands of baby/adults/seniors who are asking for --

1) Noodles- At least the baby has eaten something! Avoid Noodles and other foods with refined flour Maida.

2) Fried foods- Fats are difficult to digest and avoid fried foods despite tantrums.

  • Do not worry so long as ORS is being given along with other liquids @ 5-7 L for healthy adults.
  • Take Clear Soups without added cream & dilute Toned milk also. There are ways to consume Milk, a simple protein through which newborn baby grows from 3 kgs at birth to 10 kgs at One Year. There is No upper limit to taking beverages made from Toned Milk. 
  • The sight of a plain glass of Milk can lead to Nausea!
  • Dilute toned milk with water & Roohafza, Elaichi or favourite protein supplement -as much as the person demands during fever. 
  • High Protein diet helps recover faster.

3) Heavy Non-Vegetarian foods-

  • People may feel that butter chicken etc are giving them energy. It is otherwise.
  • Heavy proteins, that too fried with added fats and masalas Drain the system by causing nausea, giving a feeling of fullness for longer hours and denying the body of essentials like water & minerals.
  • Only boiled eggs during fevers that too if a person is hungry and do add Carbs like boiled Potatoes to the simple protein of eggs.

4) Cookies & biscuits with fats, Cakes.

5 )Heavy fruits in large quantities- One Cannot Live by Apples alone.

Eat in moderation bits of soft foods like Khichri, Curds, Parle G biscuits but Never over stuff & feel distended.

Avoid heavy 3 meals in a day and do take something every 2 hours or so.

Water along with water-based plain products should be sipped slowly as if a Drip is running at 40 drops/minute.

Never Gulp down anything during fever or otherwise.

Eat and drink very slowly. Stomach along with entire food pipe is weak & being a part of the entire body which aches during fever.

Our Medicines cause nausea & we have to Invent ways to avoid nausea so that Injections and intravenous fluids can be avoided.