Building muscle is a combination of diet and a good exercise routine. The right exercise can help increase your efficiency and deliver results in lesser time. Here are some effective exercises that will help you builder better and bigger biceps.

1. Incline Dumbell Curls: It allows one to achieve a full range of motion while getting a maximal stretch at the bottom of the movement.

How to Perform Incline Dumbell Curls -

- Lying back on an incline bench, hold two dumbbells with arms extended down and back.

- Curl the dumbbells up and out with both hands, being sure to turn the wrists as the weights are raised.

- Slowly return to start position.

2. Standing Bar Curls: The biceps curl can be performed a number of ways - standing with dumbbells (both hands curling or alternating), one arm resting on inner thigh as with the concentration curl, preacher curl variations and seated with dumbbells.

How to Perform Standing Bar Curls -

- Hold bar with a shoulder-width grip, with arms straight toward the floor and elbows locked an inch from your sides.

- Curl weight toward the chest, while keeping the elbows and back fixed.

- Contact the biceps as the bar reaches the front of the chest.

- Resist weight as it slowly lowers to the floor for a full stretch.

3. One-Arm Preacher Curls: This exercise could be considered an isolating movement as it really focuses stress on the peak (which is found on the short head and is genetically determined) and adds to fullness at the lower portion of this muscle. However, as mentioned it does add to fullness and help to enhance overall size.

How to Perform One-Arm Preacher Curls -

Using a regular preacher bench, hold dumbbell with an underhand grip while locking elbow firmly in place in an extended position on the bench. Slowly curl the dumbbell up, trying to touch the shoulder of the arm being worked.

4. Hammer Curls: It conveys the impression, in those with full development, of a tennis ball stuck under the skin between the biceps and triceps. Developing it to its fullest will help to push the biceps up therefore creating the illusion of a peak, and fill out the lower portion of the biceps, providing overall thickness in this area.

How to Perform Hammer Curls -

- With elbows fixed at the side of the body, place the palms in a neutral position (palms facing one another).

- Curl the dumbbells up, the same way you would for a regular dumbbell curl.

5. Concentration Curls: Sit on an exercise seat with your feet flat on the ground shoulder-width apart. Lean forward so that your right elbow is touching the inside of your right knee, and your arm is fully extended. Curl the dumbbell toward your chest, keeping your elbow in the same spot.