1) Stay Indoors if Possible! Be a Social Recluse! Do Not go out Fearing Germs & Pollution in the air.

Not a practical suggestion. Kids have to go out to study, adults have to commute & utilize the productive years of their lives to make most out of them, seniors have to mingle with other seniors & accept it that it is Not Possible to Stay Indoors because the Air outside is Polluted enough making Oxygen Levels, low in our circulating blood, leading to trigger lung disease, Heart Attacks & Strokes.

2)Reduce Pollution !!

We are all too familiar by now about Gyaan given about no smoking, fewer vehicles, less congestion & minimum stress 

It is just a reminder about every learned person is aware of-

Say No to Cigarettes, smoking both active and passive because a smoker is making nonsmokers inhale the smoke.

Use fewer private vehicles & more Public transports available.

Resort to Car Pooling.

Construction work is going on non stop in every city & some tiny particles do enter our lungs without being visible unlike the smoke and vehicular fumes.

3) Wear a Mask

Do not get conscious of masks.

Women can wrap a moist cotton duppata/ scarf around their faces & Men can use a moist Hankerchief beneath a helmet.

Why should cotton be Moist?

Moist cotton retains the pollutants, acts like a barrier and tiny particles stick onto it, making entry to the lungs difficult.

4) Boost up the Immunity to fight disease.

Vitamin C helps to boost immunity & Ginger is an anti-Oxidant, which means that the juice of ginger removes oxidants ( impurities from the blood, making blood cleaner.

5) Honey is a natural Antiseptic cum Moisturizer. Drink warm water with a spoon of honey at least 3 times in a day.

If Juice of fresh lemon is added to water & honey, presume that it is Amrit, the drink of Gods.

Cough Mixtures can be Addictive but Honey is Not Addictive.

I am not a Representative of Dabur but as a Doctor, I can Share a wonderful Herbal Supplement to help the lungs

It is called Dabur Honey SIP, a sachet having more than 25+ herbs, costing just 7/- and easy to prepare

All you need to do is boil a cup of water and add entire sachet, a combination of herbs which are adequate for lungs & help in digestion too. No Side effects except being a harmless stimulant, this mixture can cause heavy bleeding during those days in girls and women.

People on blood thinners like Aspirin can forgo the dose of Aspirin & rely on herbs like Ginger etc.