We all have our own stories about our past; few haunt us, few motivate us and few stories stay in our memories forever. At times our Past interferes with our present and also leaves us vulnerable for the future. We keep thinking why and start self blaming. Somewhere it is important to STOP taking Past as a problem and have to accept is as a simple Experience.

Let us see how we can try not get into our Past too much so that we can walk into our future positively


We need to start accepting situations as they have been. Thinking about it and constant questioning would leave you nowhere. Just say YES! This had happened and I accept it. (if it is a bad situation - try not repeating; If it is a good situation - get motivated). Get motivated and take Past as a learning lesson for your future. 


It is always healthy to remove junk from your diet. Similarly it is important for you to remove the incidents from your system. As you think about your past; start writing it and go easy with your emotions. Cry if it a sad incident and smile if it is a a happy incident. Tear and throw the paper if the incident makes you angry. 


The more you run away from something, it will haunt you more. Get face to face with your problems. The more you face it; it will help you recover. 


If you are a person who just likes to keep talking about it, you should stop it. The more you discuss and think, there is no way that the memories may get a chance to fade off. The more its repeated; the more it is learnt, then it becomes a habit and then a routine. So stop discussing with yourself and also with anyone else.


Occupy yourself in your work, daily routine, make goals and try to achieve it. Do not hold back your wishes and desires for any past event. The more your mind is diverted towards future and present, past wont be able to come in the way as a hurdle.

Try and follow these simple steps to move ahead towards your beautiful future. Make an attempt and Take Action!