1. Feel Good Mentally and Physically with Healthy Food Choices

Teens are caught up in this competitive world of multitasking between studies, sports and other extra curricular activities. For this reason, many teens complain of lack of time to follow a regular eating plan or diet schedule. You need not allocate a dedicated time slot for this activity but simply take a conscious effort to make simple and smart eating choices to bring a big difference to your mind and your body. Given below are tasty ways to accommodate the required nutrients and balance a healthy weight simultaneously:

2. Look Beyond the Books        

  • Never compare your physique with that of models in the magazines. Get rid of these unrealistic and unhealthy goals. Rather, focus on maintaining a healthy weight with proper choices
  • Don’t succumb to soft drinks just out of habit or due to peer pressure. Switch over from the empty calorie drinks to the real nutrients required by our body. Drink fat-free milk or low-fat milk along with every meal. If you feel thirsty, go for ice-cold water or sparkling water for zero calories and 100% refreshment. 

3. Explore Different Foods        

  • Fruits are naturally sweet and make a delicious dessert option. Add few slices of bananas in your morning cereal, have a portion of apple during lunch or eat a cup of frozen yogurt with berries for snacks.        
  • Lean beef serves as the best ‘on-the-go’ food. You can roll a slice of roasted beef and cheese in a tortilla wrap to power your nutrient intake. Roll a soft chapatti with beef, beans, cheese and salsa for a nutritious snack.        
  • Try different foods at your favourite eat outs or try a new restaurant altogether. Restaurants keep introducing new foods quite often and these eateries are becoming health oriented and many of them are serving nutritious foods. 

4.  Control your Portions but Never Skip a Meal        

  • Start your day with a healthy breakfast to help you deal with the day’s hectic activities. Breakfast is important to accelerate your mechanism, improve your concentration and help you stay energized. Start your day with a bowl of cereal and fruit, a healthy phulka roll with veggies or a veggie uthappam.
  • Have a small power snack sometime before your lunch break with half a sandwich. Make a whole-wheat sandwich with peanut butter and banana or turkey and cheese.        
  • Avoid fast foods. If you really crave for one, go for the regular-sized meals avoiding the super-sized ones. Super-sized foods cover the total number of calories required for the entire day in a single meal.

5. Balance your Calorie Consumption        

  • Excited over a pizza party with friends? Enjoy your party and eat a light, low-fat meal the next day. Try to experiment with non-traditional pizza toppings such as taco meat, grilled veggies or pineapples when you are at the party.        
  • Small changes can bring big calorie differences in the future. Take extra care while eating out. Choose foods without sauces and replace them with fat-free condiments such as ketchup, mustard and salsa. Order for salad dressings and dip your salad into it, rather than using it the other way around. By doing this, you will consume less of salad dressing.