1) Eat according to age, lifestyle & listen to your system

Picture above depicts a bag called stomach, elastic to carry weight of food, churn it with the help of acids & bile juice made by liver & stored in gall bladder (on the left side, red color organ is liver along with tiny pipes to carry bile juices towards stomach, as and when it is full of food)

Process of digestion starts in the mouth, the moment saliva is mixed with foods which we are munching. Saliva is rich in enzymes too, which help to start the digestive process.

Food in stomach remains for approximately 4 hours before moving further towards few feet long pipe rolled in our abdomen, just below the rib cage.

Stomach has Valves on both ends , upper end valve makes sure that the food does not go back towards mouth & lower end valve makes sure that the digested & churned food does not go back to stomach.

Motility of food pipe is more in case of food poisoning & less in case of CONSTIPATION.

We have two intestines - small intestines & large intestine. Role of the small intestine is to absorb nutrients. Role of large intestine is to collect waste & to absorb water & retain it too.

2) Why Does Constipation Affect Seniors & Vulnerable after fevers like Typhoid

  • Eat right is a simple advice every doctor tells people are prone to constipation.
  • Eat lots of Fiber if suffering from Constipation.
  • Some fibers collect , become lumps and these fibers in the foods can work in a negative way by blocking the path.

3) With age motility of food pipe gets slower

It is better to consume Liquids as nourishment & to avoid foods which cause Distention -certain pulses, fried non veg & veg items & heavy carbs like Maida /trans-fats through Street foods, Packaged & Processed foods.

4) Liquids as rescue and nourishment

  • The day one feels that system is heavier, be on liquids as nourishment. Liquids as nourishment are-
  • Diluted Toned Milks & Curds
  • Coconut water
  • Fresh Fruit Juices
  • Clear Soups
  • Lots of warm water with a spoon of honey

Ginger, Garlic, Jeera Ajwain, Heeng, Saunf, etc. are in kitchen to help people to make own Concoctions.

Do Not Eat Solid Foods including Fruits & Salads till System Is Clean & Clear.