How to reduce the effect of air pollution at your home?

The excessive air pollution in Delhi is taking a serious toll on our health. We spend so much time outdoors and unfortunately cannot avoid but inhale polluted air. But fortunately, there are few steps that can help reduce the air pollution in our homes so that we can relax and revive our body for the next day in the open. Here are a few tips to consider:


Houseplants are the best way to reduce pollution effects at home and create a positive atmosphere as well. They not only look good but also provide fresh air at minimum cost. There are some species of plants that are more efficient in purifying air than others. Visit your local nursery and buy a few saplings for a better and greener environment at your home.

Air purifiers

Air purifiers are a must have if there is a high amount of pollution in your area or if there are patients with respiratory illness at your home. Air purifiers not only ease breathing for patients but also comfort children and the elderly.


When we breathe in the air our nose heats and humidifies the inhaled air effectively. Due to increase in pollution and suspended particulate matter, it becomes difficult for the respiratory tract to cop up with so much work and mucus production increases causing discomfort and congestion. Having artificial humidifiers can assist in making the air more breathable. Keeping a water pot in the room also helps in humidifying the air around.

Regular cleaning

It is important to eliminate dust particles as much as possible to keep the air clean. Regular dusting using moist cloth, and vacuuming carpets and sofa etc. can help remove dust particles to a certain extent. Wash your bed sheets and linens regularly to avoid accumulation of dust.