A.Shoulder Flexion (Elevation) 

Exercise This stretch is designed to improve shoulder elevation. It is performed using a small ball beneath the hand of the affected shoulder.

1. Slide the affected arm up the wall by rolling the ball in your open hand until a comfortable stretch is felt

2. If the affected arm is unable to actively move, assistance can be provided by the unaffected arm. Use caution and move slowly

3. Hold up to 10 seconds and repeat

4. Within the limits of what you can tolerate, attempt 10-15 repetitions

5. However, it is often necessary to start with fewer reps and work up to 10-15

B.Anterior Shoulder Stretch

1. Start with your elbow at your side, near your body with your hand contacting a wall or post.

2. Slowly rotate your lower body, keeping your elbow close to your body

3. Hold for 10-30 seconds

4. Perform 5-10 reps as tolerated

5. Stretch within your level of comfortable tolerance

C.Advanced Anterior Shoulder Stretch

1. Once you have progressed through the previous exercise, you can try the stretch with your arm at 90°, placing your elbow against the wall

2. Use a staggered stance (lunging with the leg opposite the affected arm in front)

3. Lean forward until you feel a comfortable stretch in the anterior aspect of your shoulder

4. Use the same key points for timing/reps from the previous exercise: Hold for 10-30 seconds, perform 5-10 reps as tolerated.

D.Internal Rotation - Standing

This exercise should be performed with caution as it can aggravate an inflamed frozen shoulder. The hand of the affected arm holds the towel behind your back, while your other hand grasps the end of the towel in the front. Gently pull with the unaffected (front) arm in a downward and forward direction. The musculature of the affected shoulder should be relaxed and able to slowly follow the upward motion of the towel.

1. When a comfortable stretch is felt, hold the position for 10-30 seconds

2. Your eventual goal is to hold for 60 seconds, working for slightly greater range of motion each time you perform the exercise

3. 5-10 reps or until fatigue