A zillion skin care products promising to reverse your aging and hide those wrinkles that show up on your face - you definitely know that 90% of them do not deliver results. At least not when you want to feel young but end up caught between product A and product B. But here we are, inspired by Ayurveda to bring you three simple steps to move forward in that direction!

Include Anti-oxidants in Your Diet

While you've been avoiding junk and many other edibles that don’t help your health, it's important that you incorporate plenty of Anti-oxidative elements including the citrus fruits. You'd clearly fall in love with oranges and gooseberries once you get to know the plus points of Vitamin C. It not only repair cells in your body but helps you rejuvenate the cells beneath the dead epidermis which starts to bring in the glow.

Use Only Natural Extracts Based Products

If it isn't natural, it's not going to be good for your skin in the long run even if it's showing results at the moment. We really recommend you to avoid synthetic chemicals, especially the one loaded with parabens and sulfates that are not only harsh for your skin but also carcinogenic. Read more and more about the products you use and go for the organic ones which are based on natural formulas with quality ingredients.

Rejuvenate Your Body From Within

When we've been trying to apply all kinds of products on your skin, we often forget that the Fe of being young comes from within. If your body and mind are not young and fit, you're seldom going to find it on your face. Indulge in regular physical exercises along with meditation. Selective yogic poses help to keep your body flexible and reduce stiffness from your body - thus keeping you young and vibrant. As a result, your face reflects the glow and shows less of wrinkles while gaining wisdom as you grow.