We are a generation powered by Internet and a lot of information at hand . The barriers of distance , speed and relations has been overtaken with the revolution in the social networking mania that is a part of each ones life today. Most of our time is spent on phone texting , reading , playing games or even emailing important work . The phone is an irreplaceable part of each ones life today, and so is eye pain and eye spasm . It's very common with the younger generation who frequently posts pictures on Instagram , updates on Twitter and chatting on whatsapp.

These 4 ways will help you relax your tired eyes:
1. Excercise your eyes to look at long distance objects . Look at the sky , birds in the sky , trees at distance, etc. It's important to give your eyes the excercise to see things at short and long distances .

2. Do not chat , read , surf internet while travelling. Using your mobiles while in car or busses , in motion , can create a spasm in your eyes. Motion sickness is felt sometimes when there an excess usage of mobile in moving vehicles.

3. After every 2 hours , close your eyes for 2 minutes. Take a break from the phone for atleast 5 minutes every hour. Relax your eyes. Do not over exert them.