India  has a huge population of  diabetics, and recently we were named as the diabetic capital of the world with the highest number of diabetics!

Yet, only a few people are aware of its impact on eyes. Raised blood sugar levels have multi-fold impacts on eyes and can lead to progressive and permanent visual loss. It is very important for all diabetics to have a regular detailed eye check-up and dilated retina examination at least once a year with your eye specialist.

  •  Frequent change of glasses or blurring of vision with your recently corrected glasses is very common in diabetics, it is an indicator of fluctuating blood sugar levels leading to diabetic lens changes or damage to the retina. Vision in one eye may appear slightly blurred and distorted more for reading than at distance, or sudden black spots may be seen, these are all an indicator of retinal problems.
  •  Mild watering in both eyes, one more than other is a common finding in diabetics. The tear film in eye is unstable in diabetics and they are also prone to higher and longer incidences of eye (conjunctivitis, meibomianitis) infections.
  • Eyes may appear red and congested due to chronic dryness and infection. 
  • At times one of the eye may appear bright red, noticed by others without much discomfort. This is due to fragility of blood vessels seen in long-standing diabetics who may also have hypertension.
    • It is a good idea to get your fasting and postprandial blood sugars done from a laboratory when meeting your eye specialist. Also carry your HbA1c ( 3 months sugar Level indicator) reports.So if you are a diabetic, it is very important for you to get your eye checkup regularly. Eye checkups can help you  regulate your blood sugar control and can prevent the blinding complications !!!