Sound exciting! Right? Losing weight isn't as difficult as you would have thought. 

1st Step - Mental Preparation

The first step is to be mentally prepared. Many people try various weight loss programs and they either fail or regain weight later. If you have lost all the hopes of losing weight, you won't ever be able to lose weight. So, first of all, prepare yourself mentally. I myself and many of my patients have lost weight very easily with these simple steps. By now if you are confident and desperate to lose weight, you are very likely to succeed. But if you aren't motivated enough or aren't yet confident, this article may not help you. 

2nd step - Understanding the calorie balance

You might have tried and failed earlier. That's expected when we try to do something without understanding it. If you are curious to understand the basics of calorie balance in our body you may go through this beautiful article explaining it in simple language. 

Glucose is the basic source of energy for our body and even if you are just lying down on the bed, you need approximately 1800-2000 calories per day. The major source of glucose for our body is carbohydrates in our diet. The body starts burning fats only when it is short of glucose supply from the diet. 

3rd step - The right diet 

Stop sugar and sugar-containing products completely. If you are fond of sweets replace it with artificial sweeteners. You can use the artificial sweeteners like Splenda, Equal, Sugar-Free in tea, milk and for making desserts. You can also buy readymade sugarless products like sweets, cookies, ice cream etc. 

Have lots of salads before every meal. The quantity should be good enough to make your stomach full. With lots of salads and vegetables you might feel full but still, the hunger won't go away. 

For that, you should then have protein-rich food item. If you are a vegetarian have 3-4 bowls of Dal. You may keep changing the Dal and recipe so that you don't get bored of the taste. If you are a non-vegetarian there are several others options like eggs, fish, chicken, mutton. Once you had protein-rich food item you won't feel like eating. Then if you still feel like having Roti or Rice, you can have it but limit the quantity to 1/4th of your routine diet. 

Once you start following this diet, don't check your weight at least for a month. You can expect a weight loss of 3-4 kgs visible in 3 months. If you continue the diet, you may lose further and would be able to maintain it.