Here are 3 steps to maintain a healthy hygiene of private parts for Both Male and Female:

More or less, all of us take enough initiative to keep ourselves clean and presentable. Fashion and style, after all, is the need of the contemporary social strata. But how much do we think about or actually take steps towards our private hygiene?

Do you know how much important it is and how many bacterial and fungal infections can attack you through your private parts? If you wonder, how one can actually take care of their private parts, we have a common guide for both men and women:

1. During daily shower

Making it a daily routine is the best option to do it effortlessly. While taking your daily shower, make sure to gently clean your private parts with a mild soap or liquid wash. Don’t rub it too harshly or with pumice or synthetic scrubs.

2. After Using the Washroom

There’s scarcely any need to emphasise how many germs the toilet seat carries or that your waste does. So, it becomes very important to wash or wipe your private parts every time you visit the washroom. Also, as you must already know, wash your hands properly with a disinfectant soap or hand wash every time.

3. After Intercourse

It might seem like a hectic job, but it is really important to clean yourselves up after intercourse. Not only for women but also men even if you are using barrier methods. Germs travel the fastest during and after intercourse and can cause serious infections if not taken care of.

On an ending note, if you notice anything irregular regarding your private parts, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor. Not treating it immediately can cause further complication.