Exfoliation with Chemical free medicinal herbs !

"A thing of beauty is a  joy forever!"-  This holds true even today years after it was written by poet John Keats. All educated & tech-savvy people are now aware of the damages  chemicals in cosmetics can cause to your skin. Whereas skin treatment with fresh herbs is soothing, sure & safe. The therapy is developed keeping in mind only use of herbs. So, they should be used in a fresh form & not based in cream or lotion. Ayurveda has a bounty of natural herb; but if they a preservative is added it becomes a chemical again! the best way to use herbs is in their natural & preferably fresh form. And that's why the Facial Exfoliation with fresh medicinal herbs gives excellent results. The therapy is useful for treatment of pimples, dark spots (pigmentation), scars & gives out fairer complexion!

It is done in three steps:

1. Removal of dirt & dead cells from epithelial (top transparent cells) layer of skin

2. Gentle application of fresh herbal extracts.

3. Healing with a combination of nourishing herbs.

The therapy is chemical free, done with medicinal herbs from Ayurvedic science of healing.

It gives quick absorption, fast action & instant results!

The combination & intensity of herbs varies according to the skin problem; an experienced ayurvedic doctor  decides the  duration of therapy (meaning sittings required to cure). 

A word of caution -  be alert not to get cheated by self -made doctors (quacks?), specially when it comes to Ayurvedic herbs! 

This unique treatment is available only at our Rejuvenate center, Nagpur.

Enjoy exfoliation to grab attention in just 3 steps!