Relationships are difficult; and while you get tons of advice from friends, family and even counsellors on how to deal with them, sometimes it just doesn’t seem enough. When all else fails and you feel no one can understand your situation, a light rom-com can not only be a great source for a hearty chuckle, but also an unexpectedly sound way of gaining some perspective. So let’s review the lessons learnt from the latest blockbuster Pyar Ka Punchnama 2 to find answers to your love woes.

1. Give each other some space: Being in love with someone may make you feel good and give you the urge of being with that person all the time. As a result you may end up obsessively calling or texting your partner even though there’s no need to. This movie teaches us just not to do that. The concept of giving each other space in a relationship is very important. Everyone has a life outside a romance after all, and one should respect that.

2. Don’t force each other to do things: When Gogo’s girlfriend Chiku constantly nags him about updating his relationship status on Facebook, Gogo responds with tart replies. If your partner is not comfortable in doing certain things, you shouldn’t force him/her to do them. Instead it is healthy to just wait and give them some time. Who knows they may just end up doing exactly what you want not because you forced them to but because they value and respect you.

3. Your partner is not your doormat: Oftentimes when in love you develop the misconception that you own the person and can make him/her do whatever you want. Supriya treats her boyfriend Chauka like a do-gooder doormat brother in front of her family, and makes him do all her chores. In the end he leaves her to go back to being a mama’s boy. So learn to value and respect your partner because they may not stay forever.

In the end, one should gradually grow into a better person after entering in a healthy relationship and if you feel that isn’t happening in yours, work on it together.