Our habits define us! They can either make us extremely successful and healthy or pave a path for failure and diseases. When it comes to PCOS, cultivating good habits and stubbing out bad ones is a must. Here are 3 habits that you must change if you have PCOS.

  •  Skipping Breakfast: If you have been skipping breakfast to lose weight or because you are crunched for time, it’s about time that you change this habit! Obesity or weight gain that is associated with PCOS makes most women very conscious about what they eat. Many women skip breakfast as they desperately try to lose weight. Consuming less food doesn’t always translate into weight loss especially in PCOS. It increases and complicates the insulin resistance (which is one of the root causes of PCOS) and aggravates hormonal imbalance. Skipping breakfast or any meals can also set stage for development of Type 2 Diabetes in future. Hence, having a healthy and well balanced breakfast is a must when you have PCOS.

  • Riding the Wheat Wave: Have you replaced rice in your kitchen with wheat? Trying to lose weight in PCOS with wheat based chapati and still nothing? Time to try other grains and leave wheat alone! Women with PCOS often test positive for markers of inflammation. Inflammation in such conditions may not be visible as a swelling on our body. Here, inflammation is production of certain chemicals by immune system which can act like toxins in our body and interfere with its normal functioning or even damage tissues. Wheat can aggravate inflammation and thereby worsen signs and symptoms of PCOS. Millets, unpolished rice and other grain substitutes like amaranth are beneficial in weight loss as well as PCOS.

  • Being a night owl: Many people take pride in their habit of being a night owl. Well, while it suits some, it is a complete no-no in PCOS. Nothing can mess up hormones like lack of good sleep. If you have been having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep, try following a night routine like a hot bath, foot soak, listening to soothing music, deep breathing exercises, meditation etc. in order to regularize your sleep. Try and get minimum 6 to 7 hours of sleep and avoid sleeping during day time.  

Studies show that on an average it takes about 76 days to form any new habit! We just have to keep at it day after day without giving up!