Even though it's something we do twice every day (you brush twice a day, don't you?) Most people seem to have the wrong idea about what is the correct way to brush your teeth. Here are 3 common brushing mistakes most people tend to make throughout their lives- 

  1. Brushing horizontally causes tooth abrasion. Brush vertically. Deposits accumulate near the gum margins. So brush such a way you remove the deposits vertically form gum margin to tooth tip. Horizontal brushing pushes the deposits into the inter-dental space.
  2. Most people do not concentrate on brushing while brushing. Concentrate on what you are doing and which areas you are covering.
  3. You tend to miss your inner surfaces and near the back tooth. To reach the outer surface of your back teeth close your mouth slightly and relax your cheeks so that your brush will reach till the end and beyond the last teeth.

Now you know how you can take care of that beautiful smile more effectively! Happy Brushing!