Carrot is a root vegetable and it is consumed in different ways like raw salad, cooked, juice and as everyone's favorite gajar halwa. It is known as grunjan or garjar in Sanskrit. We all know it is good for eyes, skin and hair but their are some more benefits of carrot which will make you wonder about this delicious root veggie.

Ayurvedic properties of carrot

* It is sweet and bitter in taste

* Light to digest and tikshna (strong, piercing) 

* Madhur vipaka

* Hot in potency

* It pacifies Kapha and vata dosha in body. 

Parts used: Root and seed

Health benefits of carrot

1. It increases appetite and improves digestion. 

2. Very useful in diarrhoea and IBS. Once diarrhoea is cured, carrot cooked in ghee is helpful in regaining energy and strength. In Irritable Bowel Syndrome, regular use of its raw juice is beneficial. 

3. Raw carrot is good for heart as it strengthens heart muscles.

4. Very good for those suffering from dry or bleeding piles.

5. It regulates sweat outflow, so it helps in preventing bad odour due to sweating. 

6. It increases immunity. Relieves fatigue by providing energy. 

7. It protects liver and act as a great liver tonic. 

8. Carrot is beneficial in bleeding disorders like nasal bleeding, heavy period, bleeding piles etc. 

9. Good for eyes. 

10. It is used in worm infestation treatment along with other medication. 

11. It gives strength to uterine muscle, promote painless menstruation, used in treatment of uterine disorders. 

12. It is aphrodisiac and increases sperm count. 

13. Improve skin and hair texture. Make skin smooth and glowing. 

14. It has diuretic property so it is helpful in flushing out renal calculi.

15. Delicious gajar halwa beside satisfying our taste buds helps in bleeding disorders and in recovering from weakness.

 16. Eating raw carrot cleans oral cavity. 

17. As it is rich in antioxidants, it helps in preventing cancer. 

18. It's seed can cause abortion so it should be avoided in pregnancy.

19. It strengthens nervous system.

20. It purifies blood. 

So eat carrot  in whatever form you like in order to stay young, fit and healthy. Person with excess body heat should eat it in the form of vegetable cooked with peas, fennel seeds, etc.