When you stand in front of mirror & gaze at your reflection; what sort of person do you see? An ordinary, An Extra ordinary or a wannabe? Amazingly, there are just 2 aspects which can make you a super star or leave you an average person. Thankfully those aspects are neither genetic nor a property of a handful. They are accessible to you, just as much as to that charming person you admire. Let’s take a quick glance at those magical factors.

1. Appreciate the awesomeness in you

From the time we are born, till date; we are in the action mode. We experiment with different things in life to arouse certain emotions such as excitement, joy, thrill, happiness and so on. Once we discover those things which keep us in the positive state of mind, we tend to repeat them to be in same state. In childhood, everything that happens to us is a matter of chance. What we think & how we feel about ourselves is decided by the way others treat us. It need not be so as we grow up. When we depend on accidents & others opinion to see our awesomeness; it becomes a rarity to uncover the superstar in us. Good news is that we can be exactly that person, we want to be. We just need to take charge of our life.The very first & the biggest step towards being a super star is to locate those things you like about yourself. Those factors in you, small or big; which set you apart from the crowd. Make a list of minimum 10 things you admire about yourself. It need not be what others know or even notice about you, but you know. Think about the awesomeness in you first thing in the morning as you wake up. When you step out the next time, remember how unique you are & what you can offer to each one you meet. Meet the world as an equal, right in the eye. You are awesome to the world only when you notice it, yourself & communicate it, to the world. It takes for one, to stand alone comfortably;before one can stand on a stage, alone.

2. Appreciate the finer things in others

We interact with people every day. It might be those we spend lot of time with, or those, we come across only once. Everyone around us come with certain aspects which are likable & the some others, we might even despise. We will be quick to show our dislike in one way or the other; however we fail to appreciate the aspects, we like. It would be fantastic, if you make a habit of locating at least one thing you like about anyone you come across & let him/her know your appreciation. When you are genuine in your appreciation it would not sound like flattery. Instead, you might turn out to be the source of the pleasant surprise. A smile, nod, little respect or few kind words from you can change someone’s life for better.Try this with at least one person every day & see for yourself how awesome you would feel about yourself. True appreciation is one factor, which even the most independent of the individual strives & lives for. We all crave for it in one way or the other; however we tend to hold back or take for granted, when we can freely shower it to our self & others. The difference between the super star & the ordinary is the extent of self-assurance, brought out by the extent to which the person feels appreciated!