1. Find the right time to talk: Talking to your partner, avoid criticizing, confide in yr partner the changes in yr body, be honest don't fake an orgasm!
  2. Educate yourself: give yourself some time, as we age our sexual responses slow down our partner can help by setting up a free calm setting for lovemaking. Also, u under the physical changes in yr body means you will take more time to get aroused, 
  3. Use lubrication: which is water-based.
  4. Maintain physical intimacy by hugging, cuddling, kissing even if you do not have sex, it helps in physical and Mental bonding to grow stronger.
  5. Practice touching: that's what sensate focus is all about using your senses of touch, smell, hearing, sight, and talking, you can give and receive feedback as to which touch is more pleasurable to you.
  6. Try different positions: for change and adventure.
  7. Write down your fantasies: and enact them if you are too shy email them to your partner 
  8. Strengthen your pelvic muscles: by doing Kegel exercises, to enjoy sex more.
  9. Try to relax before coitus: like go to dinner or watch a movie together 
  10. Maintaining good health: or sexual well being goes hand in hand with your physical, mental, emotional well being, therefore, the same habits will keep your sexual life in top shape should you take care of your health.
  11. Don't smoke: as it leads to peripheral vascular disorder which affects blood flow to the penis and clitoris.
  12. Use alcohol in moderation: too much alcohol will kill the performance but gives desire.
  13. Eat right: as it keeps you in shape and Away from cardiovascular disorder, cholesterol etc, keep your body image positive and increases the libido.
  14. Use your genitals or lose it: it is as simple as that
  15. Be sexual: be adventurous, be creative, be playful leave notes in your partner pockets and purses, send flirty texts.
  16. Be Romantic: the most important tool that your armed with is your attitude sexuality.

Armed with good information and positive outlook you will be able to enjoy your sexual life.